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Chicago review

Chicago Review - Broadway musical

The musical is based on a play of 1924, written by a reporter M. Dallas. It exalts the romanticism of the criminal environment, where the big criminals were big stars in the real life, and the most striking events have been associated with the world of crime. Suppose now with less emphasis on the criminal component, but with more accentuation on vivid stage images and choreography, as well as on a strong storyline, the musical conquers the world with its march. It has not only beautiful dresses and elegant men (remember the image of Richard Gere from the motion picture of 2002), but also a very beautiful woman, who, of course, is a huge part of its popularity. At least among the male audience.

It contains a plot about the fate of the two striking women who have committed murders and now serve a sentence while awaiting trial in their cases. They get acquainted with the charming lawyer who pulls them out of jail, bringing an acquittal. For his work, he takes a lot of money in those days – USD 5,000, but it's worth it, as he is a professional of the highest quality, always wins the cases.

The fact that all the events in the musical are based on real events happened in 1924 also adds paints. The prototype for the beauties-killers were acquitted women whose stories were in the press of those years, and columnist woman that lit them, was sympathizing with these women, made a significant contribution to the promotion of their stories and the subsequent acquittals. The image of the lawyer was a collective picture from two different people who have defended these women, strangers in real life, opposed to the musicals and film. Stories in the press have been so successful that the journalist even wrote a musical a year after, and it came on the scene in 1925 and played over 176 shows that in 1925 was a great success. Then a silent movie was filmed, which remake happened in 20 years after (although there was really innocent woman accused in the second movie). After another 20 years, new creators decided to redo it and start a musical on Broadway. Buying the rights took 9 years, and after another 5, in 1975, musical came to Broadway. From this moment, it begins the victorious march at world capitals and it beats many records for the duration of the play.

The musical staged magnificently, with burlesque and brilliance in the style of vaudeville. In the screen adaptation of 2002, this technique was often used, which connects it with the style of the musical, of cinema, of storytelling, and of theatrical masterpiece. No wonder it has grossed a third of billion dollars. The musical, though not full of stars as on big screen, is still beautiful, elegant and even more professional, no offense to Richard Gere, which is not a dancer but an actor.

What is most vividly remembered after watching it but quite obvious burlesque happiness, is very clear display of all the ins and outs of falsification of large cases in courts, going out dry despite all, lies, and the world segmentation on the hard working class and the rich, which dominated then in society.
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