Camelot synopsis

Camelot synopsis

Camelot Synopsis - Broadway musical

King Arthur is very afraid of the upcoming wedding and did not want it, hiding in a tree. His wise mentor and advisor Merlyn the Magician tells him to start acting like a king and to think wisely. Merlyn exclusive feature is the fact that he lives in time backwards, so he remembers the future, and therefore his advices always reach the goal.

King Arthur suddenly meets his future wife, with whom he has appointed wedding, in the woods. They fall in love at first sight and in the course of conversation they almost kiss, but are interrupted by one of the servants of the King. His wife until this moment did not know that he is the king and now he admits how he has become one – he drew the sword Excalibur out of the stone. Then we see Merlin, who, turns out, loses his power to foresee the future and refers the matter to one of his acquaintances, water nymphs. She lures Merlin to eternal sleep in her cave and now his memory fades, and all fades…

After 10 years, King creates a new institution, the Round Table, which should unite under its wings not only knights who fight constantly, but which are useful for the society and defend the honor. When the Order was created, a lot of knights have been adopted in it all over England, and the glory of it comes to France. From France to Camelot goes ambitious young Lancelot, who became friends with the king, but will be an enemy for a variety of knights of the Table.

Arthur's wife arranges a tournament between the best knights. Arthur easily defeats all the knights and Lancelot is named a member of the Table, while the wife of Arthur falls in love with Lancelot. He loves her unconsciously, but is torn between loyalty to Arthur and temptation. This continues for several years, but the woman remains faithful to her husband, even though he guessed about her affair with Lance.

Illegitimate son of Arthur arrives at Camelot, to destroy the Kingdom and drop the King, in revenge for the fact that he was thrown away when born. During the departure of Arthur hunting, Lancelot and Arthur's wife cannot stand and kiss, but the son sees it, who, along with other knights, who do not like Lancelot, grabs him and her, but Lancelot manages to break free and escape. Arthur's wife is sentenced to death in the burning fire for the governmental treason, but in the last minute, Lancelot arrives with reinforcements and rescues her, taking her with him to France.

They war each other, during which killed a bigger part of Round Table. Meeting with Lancelot and Guenevere before the big final battle, Arthur learns that their relationship fell apart because of the feelings of betrayal of Arthur. He forgives them, and they both depart separately, and the war ends.
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