Call Me Madam review

Call Me Madam review

Call Me Madam Review - Broadway musical

This musical is interesting especially because of the bright costumes. In the film, they were more convincing than on the stage. But if on the stage the actors would dress as flamboyant as on screen, it is unlikely that the budget of the musical would have paid off. Because only one article of costs for costumes would be unaffordable and heavy, exceeding somewhere USD 0.1 million. With a total gross income of USD 4 million, it would be tangible expenses.

Title ‘Call Me Madam’ has originated from one huge desire of a socialite to be called so. And so that the others called her so too. This person was appointed to the role of the official ambassador of the USA in the fictional European country of Lichtenburg, where the form of government is the principality. This lady truly existed in the real life, which was granted for her services by the then President Nixon with position of ambassador in Luxembourg. She was a fundraiser and socialite lady, very advanced in terms of politics.

Europe, which has undergone numerous changes in all its stormy and rich history, have gone through many bad leaders in government, but this person appears in this musical as highly pertinent and able to deal a huge loan for her needs (for the sake of country). For example, it is a social parody of the fact that the United States love to lend money to different countries, when the latter are in need. So now, in the course of fundraising, the luxurious party was organized, during which she comes to the President of the United States (who was there too). This lady agrees with him a considerable loan of USD 100 million. This allows them not only to solve the internal problems of the state (which are invented, because in real life both Luxembourg and Liechtenstein do not undergo with financial difficulties), but also to inform future political allies – the neighboring country – that a local princess is okay with dowry.
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