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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Overture 
  3. We Sail The Seas 
  4. I Invented Myself 
  5. Too Charming 
  6. Whatever Became Of Old Temple? 
  7. Half The Battle 
  8. A Balloon Is Ascending 
  9. To Be Alone With You
  10. You're In Paris 
  11. How Laughable It Is
  12. Hic Haec Hoc 
  13. God Bless The Human Elbow 
  14. Act 2
  15. When I Dance WIth The Person I Love 
  16. Diane Is 
  17. Look For Small Pleasures
  18. I Love The Ladies 
  19. Finale (To Be Alone with You) 

Ben Franklin in Paris synopsis

Ben Franklin in Paris Synopsis - Broadway musical

Historical musical that tells the story of a certain saga, in which the main character is Benjamin Franklin, who at the time of the depicted events is trying to suppress the civil war that rolled out between North and South. He departs in Paris to win the support of his good friend, Madame Diane de Vobrillac, which is in very good relationships with the King of France and is his confidante (favorite). However, she cannot affect the King too much and immediately and because of this Benjamin Franklin departs back to the USA (which at that time were called differently).

Benjamin waits for military and political aid from France, while his own son, whom he made the governor of the powerful state of New Jersey, deserts to the enemy, treacherously betraying his father. Franklin is almost despaired when the enemy troops – from the UK – captured Philadelphia, but the relative confidence returned to him when in Saratoga his troops won a landslide victory.

The state of war begins to continue not in his favor, and, as he was desperate to get any allied support, decides to become a martyr for his nation – and to go to England alone, knowing that he will be executed there in impartial manner. But that's why he expects that his countrymen will be rebelled by the fact and circumstances of his death and will have more mental inspiration to continue the war and to win.

Yet, just before his departure, Diane de Vobrillac learns of his plans, and finds an audience with the King & enlists his support. He also appoints Benjamin Franklin as the US Ambassador in France, which is the political victory.
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