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Album lyrics:
  1. Bark! 
  2. Doggie Daycare 
  3. Whizzin' On Stuff Whizzin' On Stuff Video
  4. Three Bitches 
  5. I'm In Love With Lassie 
  6. Hey, You! 
  7. Fooooood 
  8. Terrier From Mars 
  9. Il Cane Dell'Opera 
  10. Howling Just To Scare Away The Blues 
  11. Ruff Ruff World 
  12. Senorita La Pepita Rosarita 
  13. M-U-T-T RAP 
  14. Siren Symphony Siren Symphony Video
  15. The Pound Song 
  16. Dog's Best Friend Dog's Best Friend Video
  17. Sock-a-holic 
  18. Guarding Missy 
  19. Dirty Filthy Old Flea Bag Dirty Filthy Old Flea Bag Video
  20. At The Park At The Park Video
  21. Friends Like Us 
  22. A Grassy Field A Grassy Field Video
  23. Life Should Be Simple 

Bark! The Musical cast

Bark! The Musical Cast - Broadway musical

Music and musical direction by David Troy Francis.
Lyrics by Gavin Geoffrey Dillard and Robert Schrock.

Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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