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The musical didn’t appear on the stage. It is a television movie created by Walt Disney Company. The premiere of the film took place in January, 2006 in the USA, Denmark, in summer — in Australia and New Zealand, Philippines, Mexico and Japan, and only in autumn — in the main countries of Europe. A premiere in Russia was carried out in May 2008.

Z. Efron, V. Hudgens, A. Tisdale, L. Grabil, C. Blue, M. Coleman, B. Johnson, A. Read, C. Warren and O. Rulin play the main roles. High School Musical was included into the Guinness Book of Records as the first television movie, from which nine songs appeared in the list of 100 most popular songs on the Billboard Hot 100 website at the same time.

The soundtrack of the movie has received a Billboard Music Award as the best soundtrack of 2006, became four times platinum in Ireland, twice platinum in Spain and Great Britain, platinum in Italy and gold in France, Germany and Portugal. Since the appearance in 2006, six separate songs from High School Musical have become "Gold singles". In the USA, the disk with music from the movie became not only a #1 album in 2006, but also a #1 soundtrack and children's #1 album of the year.

There are other translations of the movie — "The school musical", "The higher music school" and "The musical at high school". The name "High School Musical" was thought up as working version. But never mind how many times the creators have been puzzled, nothing acceptable was born. It was necessary to approve it as a final version of the title.

The musical was shot in 24 days. Initially, Ashley Tisdale, who plays Sharpay, tried for Gabriella Montez's role. Corbin Blue was tried for Rein's role. The premier of the picture on the Disney Channel has attracted the audience of 7.7 million people, which became the greatest success for it in 2006.
Release date: 2006
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