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High Fidelity Musical Lyrics

High Fidelity description

The plot of the musical is based on the book written by N. Hornby. The author of the idea about the musical is T. Kitt. The thought about the creation of the show came to the author, while he was reading the book. He considered that it was written rather well to become adapted for a scene. The man also became the author of the music, which sounded in the performance. He joined to A. Green, who wrote lyrics for the songs. In general, the songs of various genres sound in the musical: pop, rock, R&B etc.

The idea of the authors was a creation of unique soundtracks, which would only remind the well-known hits of such performers as: B. Springsteen, Beastie Boys, The Who & Guns N' Roses, B. Joel & G. Harrison, P. Sledge etc. In their opinion, it would emphasize musical preferences of the main hero, his character and his addiction to the legendary songs. The first display took place in the country. In December 2006, the audience saw the show on Broadway. The performance lasted only for a week. W. Bobbie was the director. The actors were the following: W. Chase, J. Colella, C. Anderson, K. Wyatt, R. Stern, J. B. Wing and J. Klaitz.

In 2008, the show was staged in the other states of America. S. Miller was the director. The actors, who participated in tour, were as follows: J. M. Wright, K. Short, Z. A. Farmer, A. Lawson, R. Kennedy, N. Glenn, M. Steinau, M. Crouch, A. Densmore, P. Donnigan & L.White. The costumes, light and scenic designers were A. Kelly, K. Zinkl & S. Schoonover respectively. R. Berger was appointed to be responsible for choreography. The musical was also performed in Canada in 2010.
Release date: 2006
Last Update:March, 10th 2016

High Fidelity Lyrics

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