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Gypsy Musical Lyrics

Gypsy description

The first performance on Broadway was made by D. Merrik and J. Robbins. E. Mermen played Rose, J. Klugman – the manager and S. Church – Louise. Scene and art designer was J. Mielziner, and suitor was Raul Pan Du Bua. Harmonious combinations and overture were delivered by S. Ramin and R. Ginzler.

The show became the nominee for eight Tony awards, in the following nominations: for the musical, the Best Actor, best of all, the Actress in the musical, the Picturesque Design, the Best Design of suits and the Best Direction of the musical – but didn't win any award, for a pity.

When the show on Broadway ended, two American tours were organized. The first tour started in Rochester and ended in St. Louis. The second one started in Detroit and came to end in Cleveland.
Release date: 1959
Last Update:March, 09th 2016

Gypsy Lyrics

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