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Do I Hear A Waltz? Musical Lyrics

Do I Hear A Waltz? description

Production on Broadway was closed in 1965 following successful 220 hits. The opening took place in the 46th Street Theatre and shows held there for 7 months. Actors were: J. Manning, E. Allen, F. D'Antonakis, S. Franchi, S. Damon, C. Bruce, J. Marie & M. Sherwood. Herbert Ross served as choreographer and B. Montresor was costumes designer.

In 1966, the show was delivered to New Jersey, and in 1999, it was reopened in New Jersey again, after Sondheim listened to the recording of past productions and concluded that Rodgers' orchestrations were not so remarkable. He wondered how it is possible to alter the musical and occurred to some bright ideas that he discussed with Arthur Laurents. Two years later, in Pasadena, during the summer, show played in Pasadena Playhouse, and in 2003 in London, in Landor Theatre. It had not received any awards for the resurrection. As a result of the creation of the Broadway version, once fellows Rodgers and Sondheim quarreled and were avoiding each other for several years.
Release date: 1965
Last Update:February, 24th 2016

Do I Hear A Waltz? Lyrics

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