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Release date: 1998.
Type: Broadway musical.
The musical "Ragtime" takes place in early 20th-century America, the era of ragtime as represented by the lively piano music of Scott Joplin. The story concerns three intersecting story lines. As Father leaves on a voyage, his ship passes that taking Tateh and Little Girl to America. Sarah and her son are both welcomed by the family in New Rochelle, New York. Coalhouse visits the family weekly in attempts to reunite with Sarah and their son. Little Boy is in love with the iconic celebrity of the era, Evelyn Nesbit. Tateh is woven into the story when Nesbit, on a visit to their lower east side neighborhood, connects with Tateh's daughter and visits regularly. Younger Brother takes up the workers' cause, with violent results. Through several twists and turns, the three story lines eventually converge when Coalhouse Walker's beloved Model T car is vandalized by racists. Sarah appeals to the future president Howard Taft for justice in the vandalism case and is shot by the secret service. In the second act, Tateh has become a successful filmmaker. Attempting to seek justice for Sarah's death, Coalhouse takes hostages at the Morgan library and is shot by police after agreeing to a peaceful resolution. Father dies in Europe. Mother marries Tateh and moves with him, Coalhouse Walker III and Little Girl to California.