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Take Me Along Musical Lyrics

Take Me Along Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture - The Orchestra Lyrics 
  3. The Parade Lyrics 
  4. Oh, Please Lyrics 
  5. I Would Die Lyrics 
  6. Sid, Ol' Kid Lyrics 
  7. Staying Young Lyrics 
  8. I Get Embarrassed Lyrics 
  9. We're Home Lyrics 
  10. Take Me Along Lyrics 
  11. For Sweet Charity Lyrics 
  12. Volunteer Firemen Picnic Lyrics 
  13. Pleasant Beach House Lyrics 
  14. That's How It Starts Lyrics 
  15. Act 2
  16. The Beardsley Ballet Lyrics 
  17. Oh, Please (Reprise) Lyrics 
  18. Promise Me a Rose Lyrics 
  19. Staying Young (Reprise) Lyrics 
  20. Little Green Snake Lyrics 
  21. Nine O'Clock Lyrics 
  22. But Yours Lyrics 
  23. Finale Lyrics 

Take Me Along description

Librettists were R. Russell & J. Stein. The songs composed by B. Merrill. The first show was held in September 1959 in New Haven’s Shubert Theatre. In late September, the play moved to Boston’s Shubert Theatre. In early October, production was exhibited in Philadelphia’s Shubert Theatre. Broadway’s premiere took place in October 1959 in the Sam S. Shubert Theatre. It finished in December 1960 after 448 regular appearances. Production carried out director P. Glenville & choreographer O. Whit. The musical involved W. Pidgeon, Z. North, J. Gleason, L. Halpin, U. Merkel, E. Herlie, R. Morse & S. Luckey in the cast. In June 1961, the show was hosted by Springfield Storrowton Music Fair. Then, the theatrical was held in Valley Forge Music Fair & in Painters Mill Music Fair. This performance ended at the Westbury Music Fair in July 1961. This production was directed by B. Penn and choreographed by P. Conlow. The actors list was: B. McKay, P. Bauersmith, J. Roberts & P. Hartman.

In 1984, renewed Pre-Broadway regional production began, which lasted 7 months. In April 1985, in Martin Beck Theatre was the second Broadway production. Unfortunately, it was only 8 preliminaries and 1 regular performance. Production was carried out by director T. Gruenewald and choreographer D. Siretta. The show had cast: K. Knudson, B. Fowler, R. Nichols, B. Johnson, G. L. Wright, T. Grimes & A. Kirk. In October 2006, the Theatre at St. Peter's Church hosted an off-Broadway version. Staging has been developed by filmmaker M. Montel. The cast involved: D. Schramm, S. Bigelow, N. Wyman, K. Cavett, M. Crowle, R. Driscoll, J. A. Jones, J. Levy & L. Lisitza. In 1960, the show has gained one victory in 10 categories at the Tony Award.
Release date: 1959
Last Update:July, 18th 2016

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