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Special Victims Unit Musical Lyrics

Special Victims Unit description

This is one of the revivals of the revue created by Gerard Alessandrini (there are nine of them in total). The production first appeared at Douglas Fairbanks Theatre in 2005. Then there was a reopening at 47th Street Theatre in summer the same year. Gerard Alessandrini was not only the author of the idea for this musical. He became a producer, PR-manager and, eventually, a director together with Ph. George. Alessandrini is also an author of lyrics. This staging was displayed Off-Broadway. The whole show's kind of parody to all contemporary Broadway, West End and Hollywood spectacles and artists playing in them.

The cast for the production included R. Bohmer, J. Simard, D. Caldwell, J. Mills, J. Montano and M. Lewis. This musical was officially staged from summer 2005 until spring 2007.
Release date: 2004
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

Special Victims Unit Lyrics

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