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The music for the show created a composer A. L. Webber. Lyrics written by D. Black and R. Maltby, Jr. The premiere of the first part of the concert was held at the Sydmonton Festival in 1979 – a musical called ‘Tell Me on Sunday’. In January 1980, the histrionics was recorded for the BBC. In the show were involved M. Webb & B. Boggs. The second part was set up in 1978 and called ‘Variations’. Concert of the combined performances for the first time has been shown at London's Palace Theatre in April 1982. The spectacular lasted until the end of March 1984, exhibiting 781 performances. Production carried out director J. Caird & choreographer A. V. Laast. The cast was: M. Webb, W. Sleep, L.-M. Brewer, J. Darling, A. Durant, L. Gibbs, C.-P. Henry, A. Norman & S. Strallen.

Try-outs on Broadway began in autumn 1985 hosted by Royale Theatre. From September 1985 to November 1986 were 17 preliminaries and 474 regular performances, directed by R. Maltby, Jr. & choreographer P. Martins. In the concert acted: B. Peters, C. d'Amboise, D. Faye, C. Onrubia, M. E. Stuart & G. Burge. In June 1987, the US national tour began, lasting six months, under the direction of R. Maltby, Jr. & P. Martins. The tour had such cast: M. Manchester, B. Falco & M. Cooper. In May 2006, the theatrical was shown in the Danforth Music Hall, located in Toronto. Concert prepared director T. Moffat & choreographer W. Sleep. It had this cast: L. Pitre, R. Harrington & E. Hart. In January 2014, the London St. James Theatre hosted ‘Tell Me on Sunday’ before it was transferred to the Duchess Theatre, where it ran from February to March 2014. The main role performed M. Webb. This production was in 7 countries and was nominated for several awards.
Release date: 1995
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

Song & Dance Lyrics

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