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Smokey Joe's Cafe Musical Lyrics

Smokey Joe's Cafe description

Songs have been written by M. Stoller & J. Leiber. The premiere of the revue was in November 1994 in Los Angeles’ UCLA James Doolittle Theatre. The histrionics has been staged up to mid-January 1995. The production implemented director J. Zaks & choreographer J. McKneely. In the play was this cast: K. Ard, A. Bailey, B. Braxton, V. T. Cook, B. J. Crosby, P. D. Jones, D. Lively, F. B. Owens & R. Torti. Try-outs began in Virginia Theatre in February 1995. Revue was holding on Broadway from March 1995 to January 2000 with 25 preliminaries and very impressive 2036 regular performances. Director was J. Zaks and choreographer was J. McKneely. The cast consisted of: B. Braxton, A. Bailey, P. D. Jones, B. Daye, K. Morrow, A. Nixon, M. Pege, B. E. King, T. Orlando, P. Tillis & G. Knight.

The London premiere took place in mid-October 1996 in the Prince of Wales Theatre. Revue showed up to start of October 1998, under the direction of J. Zaks & J. McKneely. The show included this cast: A. Bailey, V. T. Cook, D. Lyons, B. J. Crosby, D. Lively & S. Pope. In 1996 and in 1998 were held US national tours. In July 2008, in Pittsburgh’s Bendeum Center were showed 8 performances. In the revue were involved: P. Boykin, T. Burrell, R. Feder, B. Gaynor, D. Lyons, D. Walton & H. White. From September to October 2012, production was held in the Franklin Theatre. Production was under the direction of M. Logan & choreographer E. Tello. The revue had such cast: M. Doolittle, A. Ramirez, L. Hodges, R. Greenawalt, L. Matula, H. Hubert & J.-M. McGaha. In July 2014, the show was hosted by Gateway Performing Arts Center. Staging prepared director and choreographer C. Walker. Review was staged in 10 countries. The show has been nominated for several awards.
Release date: 1995
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

Smokey Joe's Cafe Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Neighborhood Lyrics
  3. Young Blood Lyrics
  4. Falling Lyrics
  5. Ruby Baby Lyrics
  6. Dance With Me Lyrics
  7. Neighborhood (Reprise) Lyrics
  8. Keep on Rollin' Lyrics 
  9. Searchin' Lyrics
  10. Kansas City Lyrics
  11. Trouble Lyrics
  12. Love Me/Don't Lyrics
  13. Fools Fall in Love Lyrics
  14. Poison Ivy Lyrics
  15. Don Juan Lyrics
  16. Shoppin' for Clothes Lyrics
  17. I Keep Forgettin' Lyrics
  18. On Broadway Lyrics
  19. D.W. Washburn Lyrics
  20. Saved Lyrics 
  21. Act 2
  22. Baby, That Is Rock & Roll Lyrics
  23. Yakety Yak Lyrics
  24. Charlie Brown Lyrics
  25. Stay a While Lyrics
  26. Pearl's a Singer Lyrics
  27. Teach Me How to Shimmy Lyrics
  28. You're the Boss Lyrics
  29. Loving You Lyrics
  30. Treat Me Nice Lyrics
  31. Hound Dog Lyrics
  32. Little Egypt Lyrics
  33. I'm a Woman Lyrics
  34. There Goes My Baby Lyrics
  35. Love Potion #9 Lyrics
  36. Some Cats Know Lyrics
  37. Jailhouse Rock Lyrics
  38. Fools Fall In Love (Reprise) Lyrics
  39. Spanish Harlem Lyrics
  40. I (Who Have Nothing) Lyrics
  41. Neighborhood (Reprise) Lyrics
  42. Stand by Me Lyrics

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