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Salad Days Musical Lyrics

Salad Days description

Lyrics composed by J. Slade & D. Reynolds. Music for the play wrote J. Slade. The premiere of the musical was in June 1954 in Bristol’s Theatre Royal. Then the production moved to London's Vaudeville Theatre, where the show began in August 1954. Musical stayed on the scene for almost 6 years, becoming at that time the most long-running staging in West End. The last performance took place in August 1960, after 2283 exhibitions. Choreographer of show was E. West. In the play participated: M. Aldridge, N. Blick, P. Clark, E. Drew & C. Finn. The Canadian premiere of the histrionics took place in the summer of 1956 in the Hart House Theatre. Production carried out the director B. Morse & choreographer A. Lund. Then the theatrical was transferred to the Royal Alexandra Theatre & after – in Her Majesty's Theatre.

In 1958, the musical moved to New York's Barbizon Plaza Theatre, where in November it had a US premiere. In January 1959, the show was closed after 80 performances. The play had such cast: R. Easton, J. Creley, E. Christmas & H. Burns. In April 1976 was the second staging in London, in Duke of York's Theatre. It survived for 133 productions. The director was N. Rhoden & the cast consisted of: E. Seal, S. Steafel, A. Bareham, M. Rennie & O. Bullock. In 1996, the next production was in the Vaudeville Theatre. The spectacular was directed by N. Sherrin & had such cast: S. Connolly, N. Fulljames, R. Sisson, E. Counsell & G. Soper. In November 2009, in London's Riverside Studios has been shown a new version of the musical. Director was B. Bankes-Jones, choreographer – Q. Sacks. It survived for only 12 performances. The cast was: A. Ahern, L. Boggess, E. Burford, S.-L. Dann & M. Francis. In 1955, the show was marked by Evening Standard Award.
Release date: 1954
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

Salad Days Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Opening Lyrics 
  3. The Things That Are Done By A Don Lyrics 
  4. We Said We Wouldn't Look Back Lyrics
  5. Find Yourself Something To Do Lyrics 
  6. I Sit In The Sun Lyrics
  7. Oh Look at Me, I'm Dancing Due Lyrics 
  8. Hush-Hush Lyrics 
  9. Out Of Breath Lyrics 
  10. Act 2
  11. Cleopatra Lyrics 
  12. Sand in My Eyes Lyrics 
  13. It's Easy To Sing Lyrics 
  14. We're Looking For A Piano Lyrics 
  15. The Time Of My Life Lyrics
  16. The Saucer Song Lyrics 
  17. We Don't Understand Our Children Lyrics 
  18. Oh, Look at Me! (Reprise) Lyrics 
  19. We Said we Couldn't Look Back (Reprise) Lyrics 
  20. Other Songs
  21. Medley From 'Salad Days' 1 Lyrics 
  22. Medley From 'Salad Days' 2 Lyrics 
  23. Vocal Gems From 'Salad Days' 1 Lyrics 
  24. Vocal Gems From 'Salad Days' 2 Lyrics 
  25. Fandango Lyrics 
  26. He Vowed He Came To Save You Lyrics 
  27. Tho' Cause For Suspicion Appears Lyrics 
  28. I Loved Him For Himself Alone Lyrics 
  29. Never May'st Thou Happy Be Lyrics 
  30. Let's Take A Stroll Through London Lyrics 
  31. We Smile Lyrics 

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