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Rink, The Musical Lyrics

Rink, The description

Musical’s script was written by T. McNally. Music composed by J. Kander. Lyrics created by F. Ebb. Try-outs began on Broadway in January 1984 in Martin Beck Theatre. From February to August 1984, were held 29 preliminaries and 204 regular performances. The director of the show was A. J. Antoon, choreographer – G. Daniele. The performance had such a cast: L. Minnelli, C. Rivera, J. Alexander, K. Hauser, M. Johnson, Jr., S. Holmes, S. Ellis, F. Mastrocola, R. Carroll, R. Marshall & S. Channing. In 1987, the musical was in Manchester’s Forum Theatre. London productions premiered in February 1988 at the Cambridge Theatre. The musical took place in the West End from March 1988 and have been shown 38 performances. The play staged director P. Kerryson. The show had such cast: D. Langton, M. Gyngell, R. Bodkin, G. Snook, J. Gavin, S. Hervieu, J. Blake, L. Compton, S. Murphy & P. Edbrook.

In September 1998, P. Kerryson presented the musical in Leicester Haymarket. The main role in the histrionics performed K. Evans & L. Hateley. In August 2009, the play was shown in St. Oswald's Hall. Musical director was S. Dumbreck, choreographer – D. Walker. The production involved: G. Pavone, N. Kinnear & R. Magowan. In March 2010, the show was held in New York's Actors' Equity Audition Center. Director T. Sabella-Mills staged the musical. The cast involved: M. J. Mecca, S. Perlman, D. Gardner, D. Garry, C. Marriner, B. Nacht & D. Shane. From November to December 2012, Australian version was in Hackett Hall theatre. Director of show was A. Chaney. Broadway production won 1 Award out of 6 nominations of Drama Desk. It also received 1 Tony out of 5 nominations.
Release date: 1984
Last Update:July, 12th 2016

Rink, The Lyrics

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