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Ring of Fire Musical Lyrics

Ring of Fire description

The idea of the revue belongs to W. Meade. The author of all songs is Johnny Cash. It was created and staged by R. Maltby, Jr. Try-outs were held in Buffalo's Studio Arena Theatre, where the revue was presented from September to October 2005, directed by R. Maltby, Jr., choreographed by L. Shriver. Famous country singer Lari White participated in the histrionics. The premiere of the revue was held in January 2006 in the San Francisco’s Curran Theatre. Pre-Broadway try-outs began in February 2006 in the Ethel Barrymore Theatre from March to April 2006. 38 preliminaries & 57 regular performances were shown. Direction and choreography was performed by R. Maltby, Jr. & L. Shriver. The show had such cast: J. Brown, J. Edwards, J. Emick, B. Malone, C. Morgan & L. White.

In June 2012, the play was shown in the theater festival in Canadian Charlottetown. From March to May 2013, an updated version of the revue was hosted by the Milwaukee Repertory Theater. The director of the show was R. Maltby, Jr. again. Choreography has been performed by his daughter Emily. The spectacle involved: T. Barnes, E. Clendening, J. Edwards, D. M. Keenan & M. W. Winchester. From April to November 2015, revue was in Chicago's Mercury Theater, directed by B. Russell with this cast: K. M. Lewis, C. Goodrich, M. M. Goodman & G. Hirte. From January to February 2016, revue was in California’s Altarena Playhouse, as well as in the Florida Highlands Little Theatre. From April to May 2016, show was presented in Friends of the Opera House, in Oregon’s Elgin city. The theatrical received 6 nominations for Joseph Jefferson Award, but did not manage to win any. In February 2008, the album was released with a record of revue of Broadway production.
Release date: 2008
Last Update:July, 12th 2016

Ring of Fire Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Hurt Lyrics
  3. Montage Lyrics 
  4. Country Boy Lyrics
  5. A Thing Called Love Lyrics
  6. There You Go Lyrics
  7. While I've Got It On My Mind Lyrics
  8. My Old Faded Rose Lyrics
  9. Daddy Sang Bass Lyrics
  10. Straight A's In Love Lyrics
  11. Big River Lyrics
  12. I Still Miss Someone Lyrics
  13. Five Feet High and Rising Lyrics
  14. Flesh And Blood Lyrics
  15. Look At Them Beans Lyrics
  16. Get Rhythm Lyrics
  17. Flushed Lyrics
  18. Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog Lyrics
  19. Angel Band Lyrics
  20. If I Were A Carpenter Lyrics
  21. Ring of Fire Lyrics
  22. Jackson Lyrics
  23. Act 2
  24. Entr'acte / Big River (Reprise) Lyrics
  25. I've Been Everywhere Lyrics
  26. Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down Lyrics
  27. Temptation Lyrics
  28. I Feel Better All Over Lyrics
  29. A Boy Named Sue Lyrics
  30. Going to Memphis Lyrics
  31. Delia's Gone Lyrics
  32. Austin Prison Lyrics
  33. Orleans Parish Prison Lyrics
  34. Folsom Prison Blues Lyrics
  35. The Man in Black Lyrics
  36. All Over Again Lyrics
  37. I Walk the Line Lyrics
  38. The Man Comes Around Lyrics
  39. Waiting on the Far Side Banks of Jordan Lyrics
  40. Why Me Lyrics
  41. Hey, Porter Lyrics

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