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Paint Your Wagon Musical Lyrics

Paint Your Wagon description

The script and the lyrics were composed by A. J. Lerner. Composer is F. Loewe. Broadway premiere was on November 1951 in the Shubert Theatre. The last performance was in July 1952 after 289 of ones were completed. Director – D. Mann. Choreographer – A. de Mille. In the cast were: J. Barton, O. San Juan, T. Bavaar, G. de Lappe, M. Maricle & B. Ives. The London premiere of the spectacular took place in February 1953 in Her Majesty's Theatre. Have been shown 477 performances under the direction of R. Bird and choreography by A. de Mille with M. Ray. In the musical participated: S. A. Howes, B. Howes, K. Cantril, J. Grant, S. O'Neill & M. Burr. Production took place from March to April 2003 in The Eureka Theatre. The cast included: K. Houston, B. Gillespie, M. Henderson, A. L. Cole, M. Cronin, A. Hsu, T. Jordan, A. Kaprielian, J. Lian, A. Ku & R. Taylor.

The new version of staging has been shows in LA’s Brentwood Theatre from November 2004 to Jan. 2005, directed by G. Cates & choreographed by K. Cole. Adapting the script was made by D. Rambo. The performance had such cast: T. F. Wilson, J. Rush, S. Lawrence, J. Dote, J. Garcia, S. Hack, R. Kahn & D. Lujan. From September to October 2007, the play was demonstrated in Salt Lake City. Director – C. Morey. Choreographer – P. D'Beck. The show had such actors: E. R. Hall & E. Acevedo. In March 2015, as part of Encores!, it went in NY, directed by M. Bruni & choreographed by D. Jones with such actors: J. Barber, K. Carradine, R. Creighton, N. Hackmann, J. Guarini, R. Hurder, A. Socha, M. van der Schyff, S. Wakefield, W. Youmans, D. Crago & S. Czarnecki. In 1952, the show won the Theatre World Aw.
Release date: 1951
Last Update:July, 06th 2016

Paint Your Wagon Lyrics

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