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Naked. Boys Singing! Musical Lyrics

Naked. Boys Singing! description

The idea of this revue belongs to R. Schrock. Music by S. Bates, S. Markham, D. Pevsner, M. Cain, R. Sciaroni, D. P. Sciaroni, B. Schaechter & M. Savage. Lyrics by R. Schrock, S. Bates, R. Sciaroni, M. Cain, D. Pevsner, M. Winkler, M. Savage & J. Morgan. The premiere took place in March 1998 in LA Celebration Theatre. The setting included such actors: B. Beacock, T. Macofsky, V. Zamora, C. Gilbert, T. Thompson, S. Gideon, T. Davis & M. Haboush. In July 1999, the musical was in the Actors Playhouse. In 2002, the show was exhibited on the stage of Bailiwick Arts Center. Review of Chicago production passed in two days of July in 2003 in the Bartell Theatre. Director was D. Zak. In March 2004, the histrionics was shown at Theatre Four. In the summer of 2009, it was held in Onyx Theatre, directed by H. Emerson, choreographed by B. Barnes.

In January 2012, the show was closed at New World Stages. It staged in this theater from 2005, directed by R. Schrock & choreographed by J. Denman. Broadway premiere took place in April 2012 at the Kirk Theatre’s stage, directed by T. D'Angora & M. Duling. Musical direction was held by A. LeFevre. Choreography by A. Ringler. The show included cast: J.-P. Mateo, R. Obermeier, D. S. Angelo, R. Schroeder, S. Stanek, C. Trepinski & A. Ringler. In 2010, the musical has been presented on the stage of London's Arts Theatre from January to March. Director – P. Willmott. In January 2012, there was a demonstration on the stage of London's Charing Cross Theatre, directed by P. Willmott, choreographed by A. Wright. The cast: M. Beadle, M. Cotton, D. Brook, R. Last, D. Slade, D. Malcolm, N. Taylor & W. Stokes.
Release date: 1998
Last Update:February, 21st 2018

Naked. Boys Singing! Lyrics

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