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Mr. President Musical Lyrics

Mr. President description

The musical is based upon the book, written by H. Lindsay & R. Crouse. Music & lyrics for the show were created by Irving Berlin. It was the last work written by him. For the authors of the book it was the final collaboration as well.

The first performance was staged in 1962 in Boston. The audience was not really impressed. That’s why they musical was revised, & some parts were cut off. The second try was given to it at the National Theatre. This version was watched by the President J. Kennedy & his spouse. Both of them liked the show.

Broadway version was preceded by several previews. The production was directed by J. Logan. The spectacle was displayed at St. James Theatre in 1962. There were 265 performances in total. For this production, P. Gennaro was selected as a choreographer, & the cast included R. Ryan, A. Gillette, N. Fabray & B. Lee. Reaction of the audience appeared to be a bit indifferent. The musical was called old-fashioned. But it was still praised.

The next opening happened in 1964 at Starlight Theatre. That time, The President H. S. Truman attended the show. Several years later, after another revision of this spectacle, it was opened at the Theatre of Douglas Fairbanks in 2001. There were only ten performances, because the reviews turned to be even worse than for the original production. The buoyant nature of the show & the talented work of the director were noticed though.
Release date: 1962
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

Mr. President Lyrics

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