Wonderful Town synopsis

Wonderful Town synopsis

Wonderful Town Synopsis - Broadway musical

Two sisters – Ruth & Eileen – arrived in Greenwich Village, NY from Ohio to realize themselves in a big city. Ruth dreams of becoming a famous writer & her younger sister Eileen – an actress. Sisters settle in the basement of the house, which is constantly trembling from explosions from being built subway station underground.

The next morning, the sisters go to conquer New York. Ruth comes to the magazine’s editorial office & meets there with Bob Baker. He likes a girl & thus he persuades her to give up the hope of success, since many people come to the big city & do not achieve anything. An aspiring writer leaves him three her stories in the hope that he reads them. Eileen met Frank, the manager of a pharmaceutical company & invited him to home for dinner. Bob comes in – he was looking for his sister & stays for dinner too. Younger sister invites editor Clark, whom she met in the elevator, in the hope that he would help her elder sister in search of work. Their upstairs neighbor Wreck is also at dinner. He is an American football player & at girls’, he is hiding from his girlfriend's mother. Over dinner Bob says to aspiring writer that she needs to describe the real situations, not own fantasies & they brawl. Newspaper editor, wanting to be alone with a beautiful girl Eileen, sends her older sister to interview the Brazilian Navy cadets. Brazilian sailors dance carnival dances & Ruth invites them to her home. & soon all the residents of the street dance. Her younger sister is taken into police station as an organizer of mass dancing disorders.

In the local prison, all the police officers are Irish. They think that she is Irish too & fulfill all her wishes. The older sister visits Bob in prison & promises to pull her out as soon as she will gather up money, working at a nightclub named Village Vortex. Thanks to Bob, the younger sister is released from prison. The owner of the house wants to evict girls because of the unrest, arranged by them. But Eileen becomes famous, thanks to this story & she is offered a job in a nightclub Village Vortex as a singer. Learning that now one of the sisters was high-paying client, he extends their rental.

Bob had quarreled with the editor because of the interview of Ruth about Brazilian sailors & quit his job. He realizes that he loves her older sister. Eileen is very nervous because of her debut on the stage & begs her sister to sing along with her. The editor comes to the nightclub & tells Ruth that he liked her interview & is willing to give her a job at the office. Everybody is the dancing & singing in the club & Bob reveals his love to Ruth.
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