Lion King review

Lion King review

Lion King Review - Broadway musical

This musical should appeal to adults and children, who remember well (and love) the nicest heroes of their childhood – Simba, Mufasa, Pumbaa, and the rest of the good and instructive characters who belong to different biological species. Broadway productions are rarely turned bad, because they often try on other scenes, before they put on the major stages of the world. And even more so, those who have survived already for more than 6,000 performances in total, around the world, – definitely will not be poor. This musical is almost a legend, like Cirque du Soleil in own field, which has a huge team of people of over a 1000 ones and travel with many splendid tours around the globe.

If to do a little research, then we receive the following data: from about of 7,000 people who have already visited this presentation and left their feedback, 6,500 people (almost 93%) were happy and very happy about it. Another 5% – those who did not find in it anything supernatural, but generally, have been pleased with what they saw. And only a small fraction (2%) said that the show is more likely bad than good one. Of course, everyone has an opinion, and someone may not like movies from the Disney studio (or shows by them). 100% of people will never be pleased. But if 95 people out of 100 are satisfied, then the creators, for example, the director Julie Taymor, do a very right thing.

Production, which received more than one Tony Award, as well as dozens of other awards (not to mention all the nominations), is a costume show, with the use of ethnic instruments, voices, sounds and dialects of distant Africa. Music pleases the most. By the way, they were on tour in Africa, so among the people who came to the performances, some of them must be those who were able to enjoy the sounds of their native languages and managed to understand everything that was sung in the songs.

Everyone admires the complexity of the costumes, which were designed for this show. And the way they are combined with people-actors. There is an interesting way, indeed. Since the animals are tried to be displayed in a full size, for the giraffes, for example, they built a suit, in which a person can walk only using four long poles, wearing long construction depicting the neck. For elephants the most difficult part was the trunk, because a human-actor experience physical scarcity of limbs to manage it, as they must have had 5 of them, not four. Basically, the acting is a combination of the use of colorful and informative suits with facial expressions and body movements of participants. Thus, it has turned out as if you look at the animal hero and at the same time – at the person who, due to this duality, allows himself to give more to the audience than it might have be in the simpler form for a man, dressed in some kind of a normal, human-looking, costume. This unusual approach creates additional richness of show, which is complemented by the phenomenally ethnic music.
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