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Album lyrics:
  1. Greetings From Yorkville 
  2. Secret Song 
  3. Ordinary People Ordinary People Video
  4. Robert's Song 
  5. Showcases 
  6. It's Called A Piano 
  7. The Farmer and His Wife 
  8. Showcases (Reprise) 
  9. So You're Not From New York [Explicit] 
  10. What A Lovely Thing 
  11. Destiny 
  12. Clara Drum 
  13. Musical Comedy Dream 
  14. I Know You Too Well 
  15. Not As I Was/All Out of Tune 
  16. Happy 
  17. Just Lucky I Guess 
  18. The Road 
  19. Hole-In-The-Head Blues 
  20. Handle Me With Care 
  21. Iowa Summer 
  22. Greetings From Yorkville Reprise 
  23. Life is Good Life is Good Video

Greetings From Yorkville review

Greetings From Yorkville Review - Broadway musical

Can we find a more vital topic than a story of the roadway in holding in contempt and cruel world of show business? A team of talent personalities takes up to reveal the story itself about how they were looking for a reliable point of support and their own place under the sun, although it would be more correct to say – under the spotlight. This is the story of the struggle for their destiny, about the long road to the desired and, seemingly unattainable, success.

This pair is a great melodic union. They are music partners, partners in life and completely in all things, they are a perfect example of mutual understanding and tremendous work on self to overcome own fears and to learn on mistakes. They have no hypocrisy and farce, no glossy shine, but there are simplicity and sincerity, which captivate and attract attention from the first glance.

While not indigenous New-Yorkers, they were able to break into its world. Their shows were quite well known, bright and memorable, especially for off-Broadway productions.

Anya's voice is mesmerizing. Deep, low and clear, it conquers the listener from the first notes of its sounding, and play of Robert on the piano is unlike any other artist. The feature of his ear for music allows him to pass between diametrically opposite styles in the play, without making mistakes. Smooth narration of nice masters of their craft, exhibiting the real story and the spirit of the times, the spirit of New York itself, and showing us the courage, even at a time when the fate inexorably separates them, but only for that very same length of life, which is necessary to check and to prove their own aspirations to each other and to life in general. It is a juicy musical show with a drop of humor and irony, ingenious fortitude and love of these two people.

They make it clear that none of the circumstances of life is worth to forget how beautiful and multi-faceted life is. The easier step is, the easier the road in general, doesn’t it? This is the main result of two passionate performers, who have dedicated their last song inside of a show: "Life is good" to this notion.
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