Bye Bye Birdie synopsis

Bye Bye Birdie synopsis

Bye Bye Birdie Synopsis - Broadway musical

This musical starts with the hapless Albert Peterson – agent, which is abandoned by his only big star Conrad Birdie – they take him to the army (as you know, this musical takes place at a time when the US didn’t have the regular professional army). The same day, his secretary emotionally tries to resign, who has been working for 8 years, but remained only a secretary to him. They decide nevertheless to do the last song One Last Kiss, to Birdie, who would give a real kiss to some happy girl-admirer when singing.

Birdie, as if Elvis, makes a splash in the small town of Sweet Apple with his appearance and performance of songs out there, forcing local girls really faint from his passionate songs. This town was chosen randomly, because it has his registered fan club, which was lucky to include the girl who will receive a kiss from the singer. She, though, meets a local boy, saying to whom that a kiss from a pop star does not mean anything and she loves her boyfriend much more than Birdie.

Albert meets a new girl named Gloria Rasputin – aspiring tap dancer, which during the first demonstration of her abilities showing that she is bad in it. He is acquaints with her thanks to his secretary and now as Albert gives Gloria work, helping her to save money and become a dancer, a secretary is angry at him. Gloria liked Albert and he thinks to replace his secretary with Gloria.

Conrad Birdie settled for a couple of days in the house of the MacAfee family and annoyed family’s father being very demanding guest. Kim falls in love with Conrad and her father is very unhappy with this.

During that same show, where Conrad had to kiss Kim, her boyfriend ran into the live broadcast and beats Conrad's face, latter falls, Kim broke off relations with the guy, and he remains a fool in the spoiled evening.

Despite the fact that the producer plans to reshoot the bad air, his secretary leaves him. Kim joins her to escape from a boring life and her annoying boyfriend, in spite of her parents. Conrad wants to enjoy his last day in the civilian world and inciting Kim, Rosie, and a crowd of local youngsters to have a party and they are going to the local drinking establishment.

Kim’s absence after a while is discovered and it found out that she went with teenagers to get entertained. Her parents complain how naughty children are. They come to a place with the police and all confessed that they were knocked to visit this by Conrad and he is arrested. Then his producer rescues him from a prison on bail and Conrad runs away from the city in a female guise to succeed in his army. The secretary of producer says he wants to marry him and learned that in a small quiet town named Pumpkin Falls, Iowa, they need a teacher of English, as she always wanted. They betrothed together and happy leave the stage.
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