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Adding Machine synopsis

The story of how the most ordinary clerk (henpecked by his wife) works in the same place for 25 years, and his boss does not even know his name. It depresses him, but when the boss says that now his work will be made by the new machine (adding machine, after which the musical is named), he is not oppressed nor annoyed but rages and kills his boss. Not being a genius in the criminal world, he did not cover his tracks, and so he found by the police shortly and imprisoned. Being sentenced to death by a court punishment, Mr. Zero (the name of our antihero here), meets another same convicted, as he is, a man named Shrdlu, who killed his wife. They were both executed and they get in the afterlife.

Being alive, Mr. Zero was secretly in love with a girl from his work. He did not know, but she was also in love with him. After Mr. Zero was sentenced, she committed suicide, and found him in the afterlife, where they met on the Elysian Fields. Mr. Zero for some reason was given a second chance to live another life on Earth, where he returned, leaving his love in the afterlife waiting for his return after reincarnation.

In history, there are 10 characters, despite the fact that the events revolve around one or two. And 22 composition are played (the number varies from play to play, through 2007 to 2011).
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

Adding Machine Lyrics

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  2. Something to Be Proud Of Lyrics
  3. Harmony, Not Discord Lyrics 
  4. Office Reverie Lyrics 
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  6. In Numbers Lyrics 
  7. In Numbers (reprise) Lyrics 
  8. I'd Rather Watch You Lyrics 
  9. The Party Lyrics 
  10. Zero's Confession Lyrics 
  11. Once More/Ham and Eggs Lyrics 
  12. Didn't We? Lyrics 
  13. I Was A Fool Lyrics 
  14. The Gospel According to Shrdlu Lyrics 
  15. Death March Lyrics 
  16. A Pleasant Place Lyrics 
  17. Shrdlu's Blues Lyrics 
  18. Daisy's Confession Lyrics 
  19. I'd Rather Watch You (Reprise) Lyrics 
  20. Freedom! Lyrics 
  21. Freedom! (reprise) Lyrics 
  22. The Music of the Machine Lyrics 

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