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Kiss Of The Spider Woman Musical Lyrics

Kiss Of The Spider Woman description

The musical is based on the novel. The libretto was written by M. Puig specially for creating the show on scene. The idea of creating the musical came to directors in 1900. Their task was to create the performance, which displays would last more than 4 years. H. Prince was the director. Responsible for choreography were the following people: S. Stroman, J. Rubinstein, K. Gray, L. Mitchell and H. Gozsteel. At first, the musical didn't make success. Critics wanted to forbid it. Attempts of creators to persuade them were unsuccessful. Almost all reviews were negative. The musical hasn't been shown on the big stage.

Two years later G. Drabinsky became the new producer. His version of the show was made in Toronto. Actors were the following: B. Carver, A. Crivello and C. Rivera. The following version was created in the West End. In total, this performance had 390 exhibitions. H. Prince was the director. B. Carver, A. Crivello and C. Rivera were the main actors again on the West End’s scenes. The musical received Evening Award as the best show.

Broadway version opened in 1993. The director was the same. It lasted 2 years. It has won Tony for leading roles of two actors. B. Mitchell, H. McGillin, J. Hyslop, M. C. Alonso, V. L. Williams & C. Lawrence participated in this performance. This version of the musical had bigger success than original one.

In Houston, the next version was created in 1999. J. Williams was the director. Actors were the following: G. Nepoli-Holmes, L. Meyer, P. Bracho, M. Rial, J. Williams, T. Wroble, and T. Porter. The musical was also shown in Argentina in 1995 and in Australia in 2010.
Release date: 1992
Last Update:April, 20th 2016

Kiss Of The Spider Woman Lyrics

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