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How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying Musical Lyrics

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying description

The decision to create the musical was made after the increased popularity of the book, written by Shepherd Mead. The first screenwriters were working on the version for five years. In 1950, the adaptation, which made great success, was created. The second version was shown in 1961. It included a new love line and more humor. The author of the music was F. Loesser.

In 1995, the performance was created on Broadway. 548 performances were staged, and the leading roles were played by M. Broderick and M. Mullali. The second revival of the musical under the leadership of the director R. Ashford falls on 2011. The leading roles are played by D. Radcliff and J. Larokket. The debut also took place in 2011.

In January, 2012 Radcliff was replaced by D. Chris for three weeks, and from February 24 to May 20 — by Nick Jonas. In May 2012, the show was closed after 473 performances. 50 years after the first display of the musical, the Australian directors thought about the creation of their own show. They were afraid that the Australian audience cannot understand the idea of the American musical. However, the show received huge popularity. Performance in Sydney lasted for two months.

There is also a TV adaptation, which was shown in 1975 on the ABC channel, and the film adaptation created in 1967 by D. Swift. A couple of original songs were left in these versions.
Release date: 1961
Last Update:March, 10th 2016

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying Lyrics

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