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Finding Neverland Musical Lyrics

Finding Neverland description

The musical was inspired by the 2004 film of the same name, starring Johnny Depp, which in worldwide box office earned USD 116 million, with a budget of USD 25 M. Like the most movies with this brilliant actor, it has paid off more than well. Gary Barlow wrote both lyrics & music, together with E. Kennedy, and J. Graham has prepared the libretto.

Histrionics started in 2012 (8 years after the film) in England and in the United States its premiere took place in 2014 in Massachusetts, as a preview before its imposition on Broadway. Then it was held in Cambridge and in 2015, it moved to the main stage of the country.

Its development started in 2011 in California. Originally, the creative team was Scott Frankel, Rob Ashford & Michael Korie, who began working, but then their composition has changed, and scheduled exhibitions in Jolla Playhouse did not take place. Actors in 2012 were: T. Roberts, M. Patterson, J. Ovenden, M. Cumpsty, K. O'Hara, M. B. Peil, R. Craig & J. Ovenden. Its subsequent alteration took place in 2013, when Weinstein took over the elaboration and Barry Weissler was hired as an executive producer. New libretto was written, 22 new songs too, and the actors were as follows: J. de Waal, H. Signoretti, J. Jordan, S. Nunes, L. M. Kelly, A. Dreier, M. McGrath, A. Gemme, C. Carmello & R. Bart (then he was replaced by M. McGrath), T. Yazbeck, K. Grammer, A. Yakima, O. Boot, C. Foster.
Release date: 2015
Last Update:February, 24th 2016

Finding Neverland Lyrics

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