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Color Purple, The Musical Lyrics

Color Purple, The Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture
  3. Huckleberry Pie/Mysterious Ways
  4. Somebody Gonna Love You
  5. Our Prayer
  6. That Fine Mister
  7. Big Dog
  8. Lily Of The Field
  9. Dear God - Sofia
  10. A Tree Named Sofia
  11. Hell No!
  12. Brown Betty
  13. Shug Avery Comin' To Town
  14. All We've Got To Say
  15. Dear God - Shug
  16. Too Beautiful For Words
  17. Push Da Button
  18. Uh Oh!
  19. What About Love?
  20. Act I Finale
  21. Act 2
  22. African Homeland
  23. The Color Purple
  24. Church Ladies' Easter
  25. I Curse You Mister
  26. Mister's Song - Celie's Curse
  27. Miss Celie's Pants
  28. Any Little Thing
  29. What About Love (Reprise)
  30. I'm Here
  31. The Color Purple (Reprise)

Color Purple, The description

The first production was in 2004, in Georgia – not surprising, because the plot tells the story going on in the state of Georgia. Alliance Theatre in the state’s capital, Atlanta, took staging under the direction of Scott Sanders, at first, as a workshop. A few months later, the musical was ready and its world premiere was held in the same theater, along with the production company Creative Battery. A set of actors was as follows: K. Leggs, L. Chanze, F. P. Fields, A. Lenox & S. Sengbloh. G. Griffin was director, J. L. Beatty served as scenic designer, B. MacDevitt was responsible for lightning, J. Weston was a sound engineer and P. Tazewell was a costume designer. The staging lasted until the following year, 2005.

The show got on Broadway a year later, in 2005 and was there until 2008. Oprah Winfrey & Quincy Jones were among the well-known producers of the show, D. Byrd did the choreography, L. Twine was the director of the sound. Musical gave 910 regular performances and 30 preliminary ones. The initial investment of USD 11 million for a musical paid-off within the first year. It has earned more than USD 200 million on tickets sales and other incomes. The resounding success was due to Oprah Winfrey promotion in her show.

On Broadway such actors played: E. Withers-Mendes, LaChanze, B. V. Dixon, K. Marcano, F. P. Fields, K. Leggs & R. E. Goldsberry.

The first national tour began in 2007 from Chicago, Illinois, and lasted for three years until 2010. Due to its phenomenal success there, it was decided to extend it for another 4 weeks, so it lasted from April 2010 to November. LA took a musical in 2010; then a second national tour began, holding from 2010 to 2011. The third round was in 2012, and resurrection on Broadway was in 2015, with a stop in London in 2013.
Release date: 2005
Last Update:January, 13th 2016

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