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Children Of Eden Musical Lyrics

Children Of Eden Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Let There Be
  3. Perfect (Part 1)
  4. Tree of Knowledge
  5. Naming
  6. Grateful Children
  7. Father's Day
  8. Perfect (Part 2)
  9. Spark of Creation
  10. In Pursuit of Excellence
  11. End of a Perfect Day
  12. Childhood's End
  13. World Without You
  14. Explusion
  15. Wasteland
  16. Spark of Creation (Reprise 1)
  17. Lost in the Wilderness
  18. Lost in the Wilderness (Reprise)
  19. Close to Home
  20. Ring of Stones
  21. Clash of the Generations
  22. Death of Abel
  23. Mark of Cain
  24. Children of Eden
  25. Act 2
  26. Generations
  27. Gathering Storm
  28. Piece of Eight
  29. Blind Obedience/Return of the Animals
  30. Noah's Lullaby
  31. Stranger to the Rain
  32. In Whatever Time We Have
  33. Flood
  34. What Is He Waiting For?
  35. Sailor of the Skies
  36. Spark of Creation (Reprise 2)
  37. Hardest Part of Love
  38. Words of Doom
  39. Hour of Darkness
  40. Ain't It Good?
  41. Precious Children
  42. In the Beginning

Children Of Eden musical description

Initial production was in 1986 and was called Family Tree, which united the two hits from the biblical story about the first people and their children & about Noah and the great flood. This play was initially performed by religious school in Illinois, but then a man named Stephen Schwartz has adapted it for the musical format and renamed to today’s call.

Royal Shakespeare Company has developed the play and picked actors with director John Caird. It was full of such actors: E. Bentley, R. Henshall, K. Page, H. Itoh, R. Lloyd-King, R. Shell, M. Smith, C. Pinder, S. Powell, A. Barclay, A . Beaumont, F. Ruffelle & K. Colson. In 1991, the show opened and closed after 3 months since ticket sales have been weak, and the world had fever in general this year – there were many wars, disasters, and some hardened empires were disintegrated.

The musical was never released in the West End nor on Broadway, because of the negative responses to the musical and its rapid closing. It might have no such plans in future with rapid shutdown, so they have been forgotten. Recordings of songs that came out on CD, were not too popular, and went out of circulation very quickly. But due to technical problems with the release on CD, most of the drives were unable to read these CDs, so normal, readable discs with this recording now are quite rare and thus, are popular in the market of connoisseurs and lovers of the theater. Records of the original musical is now in so small quantity that practically the only reliable verified owners of concept recording on a CD or in another electronic form are only the director Stephen Schwartz and a man named Michael Kohl.

In 1990th, the show was altered and done by the actors at various levels, both amateurs and professionals. There were many versions performed that differ from each other as in a set of songs and also in scenes and dialogues, and even in the characters of protagonists. New Jersey has seen this musical staged in 1997, which became one of the most established versions of this musical, recognized as the most successful one, and it is played in the United States mostly. According to one of the magazines from music critics, Children of Eden is in the top 20 of musicals that are played often on different scenes & this is not typical for a musical that never made it to Broadway and did not even have off-Broadway's viewings.
Release date: 1991
Last Update:January, 13th 2016

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