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Carousel Musical Lyrics

Carousel Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Prologue: The Carousel Waltz
  3. You're a Queer One, Julie Jordan
  4. Mister Snow
  5. If I Loved You (Introduction)
  6. If I Loved You
  7. Give It to 'Em Good, Carrie...
  8. June Is Bustin' Out All Over
  9. Mister Snow (Reprise)
  10. When Children Are Asleep
  11. Blow High, Blow Low
  12. Soliloquy
  13. Act 2
  14. Real Nice Clambake
  15. Geraniums in the Winder
  16. Stonecutters Cut It on Stone
  17. What's the Use of Wond'rin'
  18. You'll Never Walk Alone
  19. Ballet: Pas De Duex
  20. If I Loved You (Reprise)
  21. Sermon/You'll Never Walk Alone (Reprise)

Carousel musical description

1945 – the year of the premiere on Broadway. The director was very afraid of failure of the premiere performance, because the final rehearsal went badly and so he watched the show from behind the scenes, drunk with sedatives, not even hearing the applause of the audience and not seeing it. Only in the evening, from the congratulations of his friends, he found out about success. Stephen Sondheim was at the premiere of this play, as a boy and this performance so impressed him that he chose his theater path in future and even became famous theater director.

Originally, the show lasted for 890 shows that at that time was a considerable achievement, completed only in 1947. If to add here the war and postwar years, during which the show was going, you’ll realize that you can safely multiply the number by 10. The actors were as follows: R. Collins, J. Raitt, B. Linn, J. Clayton, M. Vye, J. Darling, C. Johnson & E. Mattson.

After stopping the play on Broadway, the show has gone in the national tour for 2 years, covering 25 thousands of kilometers during this time, traveling to 20 states and even drove on the way to Canada. Show was staged for about 2 million people, ending its tour in New York in Majestic Theatre in 1949.

West End took musical in 1950, where the show was helding for 566 performances, one and a half year. Subsequent renewals were in 1954 and 1957 in New York, in 1958 in Belgium, twice in 1965 in the USA. Then followed a break for 27 years, after which in 1992, musical was staged in the West End in the Royal National Theatre. Actors that were in 1992, are: C. Rowe, M. Hayden, J. Riding, P. Routledge & J. Dee. This version has won several Olivier Awards and another couple was nominated for. The show went on until 1994.

The next renewals of the show were in 1994, 1995 and 2008.
Release date: 1945
Last Update:January, 13th 2016

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