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Bring It On Musical Lyrics

Bring It On description

It started the world’s march in 11 from Alliance Theatre. It lasted for 1 month after the premiere. A. Blankenbuehler was the director, stage and costume designers were handled by D. Korins and A. Lauer, accordingly. J. Lyons was lighter and B. Ronan was responsible for the sound. Actors were: N. Blaemire, A. Warren & A. LaVergne. A distinctive feature of this musical is that it included many dozens – in every play and hundreds in all the show throughout its ongoing – of cheerleading persons from all over the country, who wanted to show their skills in dancing.

After successfully running in 2011, US tour began in LA, being closed in 2012 in Toronto. During this time, the musical visited Houston, San Francisco, Chicago & Denver. The actors that participated in the national tour were the following: J. Gotay, N. Haskell, E. McLemore, N. Womack & T. Louderman.

As cheerleaders have great dance skills, rather than the standard participants of the musicals, it was a show with advertisement of beginning a national tour organized with all the cheerleading dancing.

On Broadway, the show went in mid-2012, at St. James Theatre and it was opened to the public in October 2012 after its previews. The composition of the cast was the same as in the national tour. 21 previews and 173 regular shows were given.

In 2014, a new round opened, in the two states and Japan. In 2015, the musical reached Australia, NIDA Parade Theatre, Sydney. Tour of Australia is performed till January of 2016, and the composition of the actors was the same as in the 2014’s tour, with a few exceptions in a secondary casting of actors. Melbourne saw the show at the level of actors-amateurs. New Zealand saw the musical in mid-2015 as a part of High School program. 5 performances were given, where the main actors were high-school students.
Release date: 2012
Last Update:December, 23rd 2015

Bring It On Lyrics

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