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Bounce Musical Lyrics

Bounce description

The musical staged in 1999 in New York. It was directed by Sam Mendes, the same guy who received an Oscar for his debut with American Beauty starring Kevin Spacey. Actors were V. Garber & N. Lane. Scott Rudin, who was involved in the creation of both the Book of Mormon & powerful cartoon South Park, was a producer. After reconsideration of the musical in 2003, the production moved to Chicago, where director was Harold Prince, and Michael Arnold was responsible for the choreography. Actors in the play as follows: M. Pawk, H. McGillin, G. Creel, H. Lackey, R. Kind & J. Powell.

Washington, D. C. saw the staging with the same actors who played in Chicago, in 2003. Because the reviews of the new version of the musical were rather negative, it has not received further development that time. Also, musical had not planned initially to go to Broadway, and it was not its format.

5 years later, in 2008, the musical has been rewritten again, it had received the changed composition of characters, and the leading female role has been removed completely. Newman Theater took the play for 40 days at the end of 2008. This version was more interesting, that is supported by obtaining the Drama Desk Award for dialogues.

In 2011, its show was in London, and then it was the national premiere in USA in 2013, based on the format and on a plot of 2008. The actors were as follows: B. Bierne, H. Frederick, C. Bautsch, S. Myers, M. McClure, A. Parker, J. Phillips, A. Passanante, S. Shofner, T. Prior, L. J. Meyer, B. Whitley & T. Frey. Chicago held another exhibition in 2014.
Release date: 2008
Last Update:December, 23rd 2015

Bounce Lyrics

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