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Ark, The Musical Lyrics

Ark, The description

The animals come two by two and a family's story of hope, love, and strength is brought to life on. . . The Ark, a new musical, with music by Michael McLean and book and lyrics by McLean and Kevin Kelly. The show takes a fresh, contemporary look at the classic story of Noah by showing us the backstory of his family. Living inside the now infamous floating community to escape a drowning world, we see that when facing the challenges of life, we're all in the same boat.
Release date: 2008
Last Update:December, 02nd 2015

Ark, The Lyrics

  1. Welcome Aboard Lyrics
  2. More Than I Asked For Lyrics 
  3. Noah's Prayer Lyrics 
  4. Whenever He Needs A Miracle Lyrics 
  5. It Takes Two Lyrics 
  6. Lift Me Up Lyrics
  7. Rain Song I Lyrics 
  8. Beauty Queen Lyrics 
  9. Rain Song II Lyrics 
  10. I Gotta Man Who Loves Me Lyrics 
  11. Oh, Yeah Lyrics 
  12. Rain Song III Lyrics 
  13. Song Of Praise Lyrics 
  14. Why Can't We? Lyrics 
  15. A Couple Of Questions Lyrics 
  16. Perfect World Lyrics 
  17. Hold On (Reprise) Lyrics 
  18. Dinner Song Lyrics 
  19. Finale Lyrics 

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