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Anna Karenina Musical Lyrics

Anna Karenina description

Theodore Mann is Broadway’s director, Patricia Birch is choreographer. Its opening took place in the year of 1992, after 18 pre-views, in the very small theatre carrying the name Circle In The Square. All the performances were held on the small scaffoldings, where even the orchestra was consisting of only seven people. Despite the huge number of primary & secondary actors in voluminous clothes (especially women in wide dresses), this performance has not moved to another theater.

Critics embraced musical cool enough, calling it a parody, some awkward comic on the creation of Leo Tolstoy, the fragmentary & incorrect interpretation of the works of this writer. And so this piece of play lived-through only forty six performances, which is a very small number for Broadway (in fact, this figure is considered a complete failure), especially if it is work named Anna Karenina – those classics that hard to mess up. Despite this, the play was awarded with 4 Tony’s nominations (not so much because of production’s quality, but because it was outstanding amongst the most famous classical works). Also, this piece of play was granted with one nomination for Drama Desk Award.

Only 15 years later, in 2007, recording was released, with such actors: K. Butler (depicted Kitty), Levin was played by G. Edelman, J. McCarthy (played Karenin), M. Kudisch (were there Oblonsky), B. d'Arcy James (showed Vronsky) & M. Errico (depicted Anna). After the release of the musical in Japanese in 2006, its songs became available on CD & DVD disks (directors were Dan Levine and Peter Kellogg).
Release date: 1992
Last Update:December, 02nd 2015

Anna Karenina Lyrics

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