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Aida Musical Lyrics

Aida description

Opera by Verdi, Aida, was the basis for this magnificent musical, based on the book by Linda Woolverton. Music written by genius Elton John, Tim Rice wrote the lyrics. Influence of Elton John recognizable in songs of the set, especially in the My Strongest Suit. Production of musical opened on Broadway in 2000. The director is Robert Falls and Wayne Cilento was responsible for the choreography. Only 4 years later production was completed, during which the 1852 plays were made – a very decent quantity.

This production is the second for Broadway by Elton John and the first for which he wrote the music entirely from the beginning to the end. By collaborating with some people from the team of still going musical The Lion King by Disney, he made adaptive staging opera by Verdi in spirit of much closer to a fantastic spontaneity and magic, as Disney does, alienate it from initially gloomy tone of the opera Aida by Verdi.

Influence of Elton John felt not only directly in the songs, which are written with his highest skill, but also in how some actors try to use his vocal modulations to reach a climax in the songs (for example, Pascal does it in A Step Too Far song). Critics praised the performance of voice of Sherie Rene Scott, and H. Headley, who made great transitions between funny and sad melodies when necessary.

The scenery mesmerizes us with use of a large number of decorations that framed the scene measuring about 30 by 30 meters made with love to details and huge craftsmanship to recreate the spirit of ancient Egypt, which is hovering around, soaking the audience.
Release date: 2001
Last Update:December, 02nd 2015

Aida Lyrics

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