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Video for song: "Overture In Every Age"
Titanic the Musical: How Did They Build Titanic?
Jan Christensen "Fare Thee Well Titanic" Clearwater Festival, Asbury Park, N.J.
Titanic the Musical- There She Is
Titanic: A New Musical - I Must Get On That Ship
Titanic the Musical- The 1st Class Roster
Titanic: A New Musical - Godspeed Titanic
Titanic: A New Muiscal - Barrett's Song
Titanic: A New Musical - What a Remarkable Age This Is!
Titanic: A New Muiscal - To Be a Captain
Titanic: A New Musical - Lady's Maid
Titanic: A New Musical - The Proposal, The Night Was Alive
Titanic: The Musical - Hymn, Doing the Latest Rag
Titanic: The Musical - I Have Danced
Titanic: The Musical - No Moon
Video for song: "Autumn / Finale Act 1"
Wake Up, Wake Up - Titanic the Musical
Titanic - Dressed In Your Pyjamas In the Grand Salon
Titanic: The Musical - The Blame
Titanic: The Musical - To the Lifeboats
Titanic: The Musical - We'll Meet Tomorrow
Titanic: The Musical - Still
Titanic: The Musical - To Be a Captain (Reprise)
Titanic The Musical, The Foundering
Titanic: The Musical - Mr. Andrews' Vision
Titanic: The Musical - Epilogue: In Every Age / Finale


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