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Video for song: "Overture In Every Age"
Titanic the Musical: How Did They Build Titanic?
Jan Christensen "Fare Thee Well Titanic" Clearwater Festival, Asbury Park, N.J.
Titanic the Musical- There She Is
Titanic: A New Musical - I Must Get On That Ship
Titanic the Musical- The 1st Class Roster
Titanic: A New Musical - Godspeed Titanic
Titanic: A New Muiscal - Barrett's Song
Titanic: A New Musical - What a Remarkable Age This Is!
Titanic: A New Muiscal - To Be a Captain
Titanic: A New Musical - Lady's Maid
Titanic: A New Musical - The Proposal, The Night Was Alive
Titanic: The Musical - Hymn, Doing the Latest Rag
Titanic: The Musical - I Have Danced
Titanic: The Musical - No Moon
Video for song: "Autumn / Finale Act 1"
Titanic - Dressed In Your Pyjamas In the Grand Salon
Titanic: The Musical - The Blame
Titanic: The Musical - To the Lifeboats
Titanic: The Musical - We'll Meet Tomorrow
Titanic: The Musical - Still
Titanic: The Musical - To Be a Captain (Reprise)
Titanic The Musical, The Foundering
Titanic: The Musical - Mr. Andrews' Vision
Titanic: The Musical - Epilogue: In Every Age / Finale


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Release date: 1997.
Type: Broadway musical.
Titanic is based on the true story of the great ship's maiden voyage from departure in Southampton, England to the sinking in the Atlantic by an iceberg. The show touches on issues such as class, immigration and mankind's vulnerability in the face of nature. The story follows passengers and crew members who actually existed and were aboard the Titanic back in 1912.