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First Date musical (2013)

Album lyrics:
  1. The One
  2. First Impressions
  3. Bailout Song #1
  4. The Girl For You The Girl For You Video
  5. The Awkward Pause The Awkward Pause Video
  6. Allison's Theme #1
  7. The World Wide Web Is Forever 
  8. That's Why You Love Me That's Why You Love Me Video
  9. Bailout Song #2 Bailout Song #2 Video
  10. Safer
  11. I'd Order Love I'd Order Love Video
  12. Allison's Theme #2 Allison's Theme #2 Video
  13. The Things I Never Said
  14. Bailout Song #3
  15. In Love With You
  16. The Check! The Check! Video
  17. First Impressions (Reprise) 
  18. Something That Will Last

Aaron is a "blind date virgin," while Casey has been on more than her fair share. When the two are set up by a mutual friend, sparks fly—or do they? The night unfolds over the course of this couple’s hilarious first date, and it’s not without its share of surprises in the form of imaginary visits from Aaron’s ex-girlfriend, Casey’s uptight sister, the pair’s protective parents and even their future son! Google background checks, awkward pauses and bailouts are all there during this unforgettable first encounter between two romantics, who just might be perfect for each other. Or not.
Release date: 2013
Last Update:February, 24th 2016

First Date lyrics list

  1. The One Lyrics
  2. First Impressions Lyrics
  3. Bailout Song #1 Lyrics
  4. The Girl For You Lyrics The Girl For You Video  add
  5. The Awkward Pause Lyrics The Awkward Pause Video  add
  6. Allison's Theme #1 Lyrics
  7. The World Wide Web Is Forever Lyrics   add
  8. That's Why You Love Me Lyrics That's Why You Love Me Video  add
  9. Bailout Song #2 Lyrics Bailout Song #2 Video  add
  10. Safer Lyrics
  11. I'd Order Love Lyrics I'd Order Love Video  add
  12. Allison's Theme #2 Lyrics Allison's Theme #2 Video  add
  13. The Things I Never Said Lyrics
  14. Bailout Song #3 Lyrics
  15. In Love With You Lyrics
  16. The Check! Lyrics The Check! Video  add
  17. First Impressions (Reprise) Lyrics   add
  18. Something That Will Last Lyrics
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