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Fanny 1

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Fanny 1 lyrics

Fanny 1

Only you, long as i may live, Fanny, Fanny, Fanny.
You, long as I may live, Fanny,
If I could love, That's what I would say.
But my heart isn't mine to give.
Fanny, Fanny, Fanny.
No, no not mine to give.
For it is gone, given long away
To the sea, my one love in her gray green clothes,
deep with wonders beyond the shore;
To the isles 'neath the winds where the spice wood grows.
I must know them all, or sleep no more!
Here's a boy with no heart to give,
Fanny, Fanny, Fanny.
Not worth one tear you'll cry,
Oh, Fanny, goodbye!
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