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Queen of the Mist musical (2011)

Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Opening
  3. There Is Greatness In Me
  4. A Letter to Jane/The Tiger
  5. Charity
  6. Glorious Devil/The Waters Glorious Devil/The Waters Video
  7. The Barrel/Cradle or Coffin The Barrel/Cradle or Coffin Video
  8. Types Like You Types Like You Video
  9. Do the Pan! Do the Pan! Video
  10. Floating Cloud/Cradle or Coffin Reprise Floating Cloud/Cradle or Coffin Reprise Video
  11. Laugh at the Tiger Laugh at the Tiger Video
  12. On the Other Side
  13. Act One Finale Act One Finale Video
  14. Act 2
  15. The Quintessential Hero The Quintessential Hero Video
  16. Million Dolla’ Momma Million Dolla’ Momma Video
  17. Expectations Expectations Video
  18. Bookings (Part One) Bookings (Part One) Video
  19. Break Down the Door Break Down the Door Video
  20. The Green The Green Video
  21. Bookings (Part Two) Bookings (Part Two) Video
  22. Postcards Postcards Video
  23. The Fall (Act Two Finale) The Fall (Act Two Finale) Video

The staging is based upon a real story of a well-known American adventurer – A. E. Taylor. M. J. LaChiusa, an outstanding composer, became the creator of this show, being responsible for music, book and words. Transport Group Company produced the musical for Off-Broadway displays.

This spectacle was first staged in 2011. Its premier took place at Gym at Judson (Judson Memorial Church). J. Cummings III was selected to be a director of performance, while Ch. Fenwick became musical director. S. Rink and his assistant Megan Kelley were responsible for choreography. K. Rohe created design of costumes (with wigs by P. Huntley) and S. Goldmark with assistant A. Sheckler made set design. Lightning was created by R. L. Kennedy and his assistant R. Eshleman.

As for the music, W. Trarbach was chosen for sound design and M. Starobin was responsible for orchestration. The music band for the show included the following performers: D. B. Marrow, Ch. Fenwick, S. French, M. Hyde, J. Levine, M. Mitchell and A. Oulianine. As for cast, the actors were M. Testa (for the leading role), D. C. Anderson, Th. McCarthy, J. Murney, A. Samonsky, S. Bahorek and T. Sessions.

This spectacle was created with great support of Shen Family Foundation. The staging obtained Frederick Loewe Award for the music. It was also nominated in categories of Outstanding Musical and Musical Director during Drama Desk Award. The leading actress was nominated for Special Achievement Award during the same ceremony. The show got nominated as the Best Musical at Off-Broadway Alliance Award.
Release date: 2011
Last Update:July, 08th 2016

Queen of the Mist lyrics list

  1. Act 1
  2. Opening Lyrics
  3. There Is Greatness In Me Lyrics
  4. A Letter to Jane/The Tiger Lyrics
  5. Charity Lyrics
  6. Glorious Devil/The Waters Lyrics Glorious Devil/The Waters Video  add
  7. The Barrel/Cradle or Coffin Lyrics The Barrel/Cradle or Coffin Video  add
  8. Types Like You Lyrics Types Like You Video  add
  9. Do the Pan! Lyrics Do the Pan! Video  add
  10. Floating Cloud/Cradle or Coffin Reprise Lyrics Floating Cloud/Cradle or Coffin Reprise Video  add
  11. Laugh at the Tiger Lyrics Laugh at the Tiger Video  add
  12. On the Other Side Lyrics
  13. Act One Finale Lyrics Act One Finale Video  add
  14. Act 2
  15. The Quintessential Hero Lyrics The Quintessential Hero Video  add
  16. Million Dolla’ Momma Lyrics Million Dolla’ Momma Video  add
  17. Expectations Lyrics Expectations Video  add
  18. Bookings (Part One) Lyrics Bookings (Part One) Video  add
  19. Break Down the Door Lyrics Break Down the Door Video  add
  20. The Green Lyrics The Green Video  add
  21. Bookings (Part Two) Lyrics Bookings (Part Two) Video  add
  22. Postcards Lyrics Postcards Video  add
  23. The Fall (Act Two Finale) Lyrics The Fall (Act Two Finale) Video  add
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