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Love Online musical (1997)

Love Online lyrics list

  1. Love Online   add
  2. Nicest Person I've Never Met   add
  3. How Did You Know?   add
  4. You Must Have a Past   add
  5. I Know What Happened   add
  6. Sarah & Liza   add
  7. Sarah's Christmas   add
  8. Child in You   add
  9. Where Does It Come From?   add
  10. Old Man Cobb   add
  11. Solid Gold   add
  12. Are You Living With a Corpse?   add
  13. Is It Easy for You?   add
  14. Why Do You Call?   add
  15. Stand up for Our Love   add

Love Online Description

Release date: 1997.

Type: Broadway musical.

Love Online is a brand new musical with an old-fashioned tale of boy-meets-girl, given a 21st-century, virtual twist.
A musical of laptop love and sweet talk, which still winds up with a clinch and a clutch of happy endings.


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