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Album lyrics:
  1. Days 
  2. Robert 
  3. It's A Sign 
  4. The Pool 
  5. Winter Is Here 
  6. Short Story 
  7. Perfect Perfect Video
  8. John Paul 
  9. He 
  10. Cigarette Dream 
  11. Flotsam 
  12. I Ran 
  13. The Ninety-Year-Old Man 
  14. By The Way 
  15. Remember Me Remember Me Video
  16. Anne 
  17. Little Fish 
  18. Poor Charlotte 
  19. The Track 
  20. Flotsam ( Reprise) 
  21. Simple Creature Simple Creature Video
  22. Revelations 
  23. In Two's And Three's 

He lyrics

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