Fame Becomes Me synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Another Curtain Goes Up
  2. All I Ask (Is you love me)
  3. Three Gorgeous Kids 
  4. Big Titties 
  5. The Salesman That Got Away 
  6. Sittin' On The Fence
  7. The Jackie Rogers Jr Show 
  8. Ba Ba Ba Ba Broadway 
  9. The Hello Boy 
  10. The Trumpet of Samaria 
  11. Step Brother To Jesus
  12. Backstage Courtship 
  13. Married To Marty 
  14. Sniff Sniff 
  15. A Dry Martin - Straight Up With A Twist 
  16. Twelve Step Pappy 
  17. More, More, More 
  18. Would You Like To Star In Our Show? 
  19. I Came Just As Soon As I Heard 
  20. A Wicked Memorial 
  21. Michael's Song 
  22. Heaven, Heaven 
  23. Up Here In Heaven
  24. A Big Black Lady Stops The Show
  25. Finale 
  26. Lessons Learned 
  27. Glass Half Full 
  28. Frieda May's Lament 

Fame Becomes Me synopsis

Fame Becomes Me Synopsis - Broadway musical

Main inspirer of this musical, actor, writer and producer Martin Short, released it only for self-promotion. The same did many of the stars that would PR’ed ‘emselves. The most striking example – Liza Minnelli, for whom was made The Act – full-bodied one-person theater stage, a benefit. The name of this musical is no obsessed with modesty. These two even have something unite – two actors on the covers of their offspring are in suits.

Show is to bring to the audience even more talent of this Canadian comedy actor, polishing it with Step Brother to Jesus or obscene Big Titties, only to reveal his remarkable talent.

Despite the almost complete benefit, except Martin Short, in this satirical musical, five more actors play. Martin displays on the stage his favorite characters: Grimley, Cohen, and Glick, among others, each of which has a unique character and behavior.

Most importantly, on what keeps the staging – a parody on the showbiz stars who allegedly interviewed by Martin Short: Celine Dion, Jodie Foster, Richard Burton, Renée Zellweger, Britney Spears, Ellen DeGeneres, Elizabeth Taylor, Rachael Ray with Katharine Hepburn & others. He also parodied his wife and himself. In the role of one of his characters, he interviewed them, giving rise to funny skits.
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