Do Re Mi review

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Waiting 
  3. All You Need Is A Quarter 
  4. Take A Job 
  5. It's Legitimate It's Legitimate Video
  6. I Know About Love 
  7. The Auditions 
  8. Cry Like The Wind Cry Like The Wind Video
  9. Ambition Ambition Video
  10. Success 
  11. Fireworks Fireworks Video
  12. What's New At The Zoo What's New At The Zoo Video
  13. Asking For You 
  14. The Late, Late Show The Late, Late Show Video
  15. Act 2
  16. Adventure Adventure Video
  17. Make Someone Happy
  18. Don't Be Ashamed of a Teardrop 
  19. He's A V.I.P. 
  20. All Of My Life All Of My Life Video
  21. Finale 

Do Re Mi review

Do Re Mi Review - Broadway musical

Of all the awards, the show has only one – Theatre World Award. 5 nominations for Tony has not brought any victories to a musical. However, it seems that many theatrical reviewers considered that even 1 award is a lot – this musical absolutely did not show anything that would distinguish it from the pile of others that were at this time on Broadway. For example, a music score is the overwhelming bunch shrilly and very loud songs. So that the earplugs would be the best thing you can take with you on this. And with too very rapid rate. Creators may have wanted to show the joy, vitality and cheerfulness of the spirit. If so, then they haven’t damn succeeded, because all the critics did not like a single out of music numbers. Is that only sometimes it had been noted that Ethan Mordden wrote a song called Adventure, magically performed by Walker, for only which it may be interesting to hear the whole music score.

Of course, if you now make allowances for the fact that the musical was staged in the 1960s, when there was no Internet, it is easy to understand that people sometimes can go on a show for two or three interesting songs. Now spending your day dressing up, going out somewhere and listening to something, just waiting for your favorite moment – is a pure recklessness, when you can simply watch a recording on YouTube or to buy a specific song in a couple of clicks for the symbolic money, available even to the poor.

As for the scene – this was the only really remarkable thing, in which great efforts were invested. There even were 2 decorator’s assistants, which usually does not happen, as vast majority of productions take 1, maximum 2 people, when there were as many as three. Libretto was also the weak point. It follows logically that the musical was reworked in the scenic show that staged in 1990s. Musicals with goodly elaborated libretto do not come for such a sad finale. On the one hand, this is an opportunity to show the stage creation to those who don’t like musicals. On another hand, processing it into a different format and at the same time, not for television – it is a sign of bad luck.

Some critics called this a kind of gangster mix of Guys and Dolls & Bye Bye Birdie, and all wondered what exactly can the average viewer find interesting in some mobsters, who decided to do the music business, besides, not the most profitable one. Of course, jukeboxes in the 1960s were commonplace, but in the 2010s it has become so huge anachronism that the younger generation, who is reading these lines right now, is not clear at all why is it necessary to go somewhere in a cafe or bar, to listen to a couple of songs for $ 1–2 on the old buzzing vinyl. After all, at any time, even from your bed, it is possible to turn on a play of your favorite music from the little thing called the MP3 player and to enjoy it in the headphones of recorded music, or online radio, as much as necessary.
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