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Album lyrics:
  1. Prelude 
  2. Something to Be Proud Of
  3. Harmony, Not Discord Harmony, Not Discord Video
  4. Office Reverie 
  5. Moving Up 
  6. In Numbers 
  7. In Numbers (reprise) 
  8. I'd Rather Watch You I'd Rather Watch You Video
  9. The Party 
  10. Zero's Confession 
  11. Once More/Ham and Eggs 
  12. Didn't We? 
  13. I Was A Fool 
  14. The Gospel According to Shrdlu 
  15. Death March 
  16. A Pleasant Place 
  17. Shrdlu's Blues 
  18. Daisy's Confession 
  19. I'd Rather Watch You (Reprise) 
  20. Freedom! 
  21. Freedom! (reprise) 
  22. The Music of the Machine 

Prelude lyrics

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