Finale Sequence lyrics - Ace

Album lyrics:
  1. In These Skies
  2. Life Can Be Cruel 
  3. It Took This Moment 
  4. Make It From Scratch 
  5. Be My Bride 
  6. Letter From The Front 
  7. The Dogfight 
  8. Soaring Again 
  9. It's Just A Matter Of Time 
  10. I Know It Can Be Done 
  11. Missing Pieces 
  12. Sooner Or Later 
  13. In The Skies (reprise) 
  14. We're The Only Ones 
  15. Seeing Things In A Different Light 
  16. That's That It Should Say 
  17. Finale Sequence 

Finale Sequence lyrics

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Finale Sequence
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