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High School Musical 3 Musical Lyrics

High School Musical 3 description

The shooting of the last part of the musical began in April and ended in June 2008. The producers of the movie had to pay 2 million dollars to the owners of a school, at which the previous parts of the musical were featured. Thus, they allowed shootings there again. The premiere of the film took place in September in Stockholm. In Great Britain, Egypt, France, Sweden and on Philippines, Austria, Germany, Greece, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, in Brazil, Hong Kong, Israel, Spain, Canada, Norway, Singapore, the USA, Finland, Estonia and on Taiwan the film came out in October. The premiere in other parts of the world took place in November.

After the first days of displaying, the movie has won the first place in box-office takings (about 42 million dollars) in the USA. The film crew consisted of: K. Ortega (a director), P. Barsocchini (a screenwriter), B. Borden & B. Rosenbush (producers), and D. Lawrence (a composer). The actors were the following: Zack Efron, V. A. Hudgens, A. Tisdale, L. Grabeel, C. Bleu, M. Coleman, O. Rulin, C. Warren, R. Sanborn, K. Stroh etc.
Release date: 2008
Last Update:March, 10th 2016

High School Musical 3 Lyrics

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