Fame Becomes Me (musical) (lyrics, songs)

Before opening on Broadway in 2006, it was a trial rolling out in the spring, and then six months later, the musical opened on the main stage of US. Over the next six months, the musical went successfully, earning a cumulative USD 10.8 million dollars, and it was visited by 143,480 people only on Broadway.

The musical received 3 nominations for the Drama Desk Award, 1 Drama League nomination and one win in the Theatre World Award. Tony limited a musical to 1 nomination without winning. The average weekly musical earnings were USD 0.4–0.8 million on the tickets sales, and viewers were from 5 to 8 thousands, with the average price for 1 ticket somewhere around of 80 – 100 dollars. A pretty nice indicator.

In addition to Broadway, Short has also made tours of the show of US cities. In his memoirs, after 40 years in show business (issued in 2014), he admitted that it was one of the most lovely of his works. Marc Shaiman (who received a Tony for one of his works) worked here as a composer and creator of songs and Scott Wittman helped him with lyrics.
Release date: 2006
Last Update:February, 24th 2016

Fame Becomes Me lyrics list

  1. Another Curtain Goes Up Lyrics
  2. All I Ask (Is you love me) Lyrics
  3. Three Gorgeous Kids Lyrics   add
  4. Big Titties Lyrics   add
  5. The Salesman That Got Away Lyrics   add
  6. Sittin' On The Fence Lyrics
  7. The Jackie Rogers Jr Show Lyrics   add
  8. Ba Ba Ba Ba Broadway Lyrics   add
  9. The Hello Boy Lyrics   add
  10. The Trumpet of Samaria Lyrics   add
  11. Step Brother To Jesus Lyrics
  12. Backstage Courtship Lyrics   add
  13. Married To Marty Lyrics   add
  14. Sniff Sniff Lyrics   add
  15. A Dry Martin - Straight Up With A Twist Lyrics   add
  16. Twelve Step Pappy Lyrics   add
  17. More, More, More Lyrics   add
  18. Would You Like To Star In Our Show? Lyrics   add
  19. I Came Just As Soon As I Heard Lyrics   add
  20. A Wicked Memorial Lyrics   add
  21. Michael's Song Lyrics   add
  22. Heaven, Heaven Lyrics   add
  23. Up Here In Heaven Lyrics
  24. A Big Black Lady Stops The Show Lyrics
  25. Finale Lyrics   add
  26. Lessons Learned Lyrics   add
  27. Glass Half Full Lyrics   add
  28. Frieda May's Lament Lyrics   add
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