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Most notable in this musical was the scene that has been arranged in such a way as if it was a great jukebox and a few of these units were on the stage. Many colorful plates lined the walls and was looked like they were mirrors. Also, the lighting in some moments was carried out in the style of "black lights", when it was necessary to display the shooting stars. And in some climactic moments of the love of the minor characters pyrotechnics techniques were used, the so-called Roman candles.

Musical on Broadway gave exactly 400 regular performances, having opened in 1960, first on St. James Theatre and its closure was in 1962 at the 54th Street Theatre, where it moved in the course of the show. B. Aronson worked as stage designer. L. Jalowetz & M. C. Lee helped him in it. I. Sharaff did costume design, two were responsible for choreography – M. Breaux & D. D. Wood.

After arriving in the West End in 1961, musical’s opening was held in the Prince of Wales Theatre, and was holding there for 169 shows, with such actors: J. Waters, M. Bygraves, S. Arlen & M. Fitzgibbon.

In 1999, the musical has been redesigned for a special show to a concert version, under the leadership of J. Rando (director) and R. Skinner (choreographer). California saw the staging in 2001, also in the concert format. Recording from Broadway was released in 1961 by RCA Victor. A recording from a concert was made in 1999 by DRG.
Release date: 1960
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Do Re Mi lyrics list

  1. Act 1
  2. Waiting Lyrics   add
  3. All You Need Is A Quarter Lyrics   add
  4. Take A Job Lyrics   add
  5. It's Legitimate Lyrics It's Legitimate Video  add
  6. I Know About Love Lyrics   add
  7. The Auditions Lyrics   add
  8. Cry Like The Wind Lyrics Cry Like The Wind Video  add
  9. Ambition Lyrics Ambition Video  add
  10. Success Lyrics   add
  11. Fireworks Lyrics Fireworks Video  add
  12. What's New At The Zoo Lyrics What's New At The Zoo Video  add
  13. Asking For You Lyrics   add
  14. The Late, Late Show Lyrics The Late, Late Show Video  add
  15. Act 2
  16. Adventure Lyrics Adventure Video  add
  17. Make Someone Happy Lyrics
  18. Don't Be Ashamed of a Teardrop Lyrics   add
  19. He's A V.I.P. Lyrics   add
  20. All Of My Life Lyrics All Of My Life Video  add
  21. Finale Lyrics   add
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