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Will Rogers Follies, The musical (1991)

Claiming to have never met a man he didn’t like, Rogers was America’s first international multimedia sensation, whose wit and homespun wisdom went straight to the nation’s heart. The character of Will Rogers narrates his life story through a series of spectacular Ziegfeld Follies production numbers which come to life with Ziegfeld Girls, Ziegfeld’s Favorite, wranglers, and a roper. After marriage, kids, fame and even a run for the presidency, Will’s life ends with fateful plane ride he takes with his friend, Wiley Post.
Release date: 1991
Last Update:January, 13th 2014

Will Rogers Follies, The lyrics list

  1. Act 1
  2. Let's Go Flying Let's Go Flying Video  add
  3. Will-A-Mania
  4. Give A Man Enough Rope Give A Man Enough Rope Video  add
  5. It's A Boy
  6. So Long Pa   add
  7. My Unknown Someone My Unknown Someone Video  add
  8. We're Heading For A Wedding   add
  9. The St.Louis Fair   add
  10. The Big Time
  11. My Big Mistake
  12. The Powder Puff Ballet   add
  13. Marry Me Now
  14. Without You   add
  15. Act 2
  16. Give A Man Enough Rope (Reprise)   add
  17. Look Around Look Around Video  add
  18. Our Favorite Son
  19. No Man Left For Me
  20. Presents For Mrs. Rogers   add
  21. Never Met A Man I Didn't Like
  22. Will-A-Mania (Reprise)   add
  23. Without You (Reprise)   add
  24. Never Met a Man I Didn't Like (Reprise) Never Met a Man I Didn't Like (Reprise) Video  add
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